Summer Synthesizers


Hello friends! We’ve been rehearsing on the reg and we’re having so much fun playing music recently. We feel like a brand new band! Jaylinn just upgraded to an Ampeg SVT and the bass has never sounded so fat or was so heavy to carry. Look at them glow together! It’s true love.

I recently got some iPhone apps created by Brian Eno that blew my mind; Bloom, Troupe and Air. They are ambient heaven. We had a jam session the other night around the Air app and created something magical in our own living room. Check out Bloom here:



NEW RELEASE – This week our Muerta EP came out of hiding!

Buy it on Bandcamp:

Buy it on iTunes:
Buy it on Amazon:



In celebration we are doing two performances on Saturday, June 11th in Austin, TX:


101X Homegrown Live & Frenchie Smith Records Showcase @ The ND = MIDNIGHT

Discounted entry with RSVP on
101X Homegrown Live:
Psychedelic visuals all night by our friends VidKidz






End of an Ear In-Store = 6PM

We are playing Muerta EP from start to finish with a special visuals at our favorite record store. This show is free and everyone who attends will get a free download card of the new EP and a chance for some free tickets to the show later that night! We are sad to announce that our vinyl got delayed at the United Recording Pressing plant and won’t be here until July but we are gonna make this a really special show for all who attend.





Muerta EP Review by Jim Sells:

Emo’s Live Review by Greg Ackerman:

Emo’s Live Performance of an unreleased song “Health is the New Drug” shot by Bill Oriani:




18 Hole Interview at the Peter-Pan Mini Golf Course

Hard 9:
Easy 9:


Stay tuned, we have the long awaited music video for Muerta and a double 7″ vinyl set arriving in July!



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Psychedelic Self-Defense from Austin, TX
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