Live Review: Peter Murphy w/ The Boxing Lesson @ The Belmont Austin

“For a 3 piece band consisting of drums, keyboards and guitar….holy hell it sounded good. Guitarist Paul Waclawsky flat tore up his Fender and along w/ Jaylinn Davidson on keys thrown in made for the lack of a bass player of no concern to my ears.  It would appear both these bandmates are in The Casual Strangers too. How Austin, haha. I like their self genre description of Psychedelic Ambient. Looks like they have some new material out produced by local Frenchie Smith  by way of the “Big Hits” album which you can check out on Google Music or iTunes. Listening to it as I type this…it sounds as good right now as it did last night. A band that SOUNDS psychedelic instead of just throwing themselves in the way too trendy Psych band genre heap.” – Jerry Milton



About The Boxing Lesson

Psychedelic Self-Defense from Austin, TX
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