Fur State

Artist: The Boxing Lesson

Release Date: 10/26/10

Format: Cassette/CD/Digital

Our current release is Fur State. We released it in October 2010 on 100 limited handmade orange cassettes.  Now, we are streaming and selling digital copies on iTunes and our bandcamp page:



KVRX (91.7) in Austin has been playing tracks from Fur State frequently.  Our little cassette charted many times on their Topless 39 in the first quarter of 2011, reaching as high as #5.  Feel free to send them a request: http://www.kvrx.org/request


Fur State is a 4-track acoustic/electronic instrumental album that Jaylinn Davidson and I recorded in 2004 after we moved from Los Angeles to Austin, TX. Armed with what we could afford, we then set out to make this album and thought of little else at the time.
We recorded 8 songs and called it the “Fur State” – Final performance mix to cassette master was dated 12/8/04. As capricious as we are, we then went about our lives and never released the tape. We found more synths, a drummer and we wrote lots and lots of songs. We made new friends and made new albums. We toured, played, listened, lost, worked, found, recorded, reinvented ourselves and recorded and reinvented ourselves again and yet somehow have come back full circle to this cassette tape recorded almost 6 years ago.
We found the master cassette snapped and sitting where we left it: in an old boombox at the back of a storage closet. Our friend Danny Reisch (Good Danny’s) helped us reconstruct the tape housing and splice it together and then master the little cassette that could.We are delighted to finally share this private little creation. This cassette has a natural “vibe” that excites and haunts us. It feels timeless to us, like we could have recorded it today or maybe even 6 years from now. We hope it affects you in the same dreamy way.

From our 4-track to your stereo…

Paul Waclawsky – acoustic guitar, synthesizers, drum loops
Jaylinn Davidson – synthesizers, field recordings
All songs by The Boxing Lesson
Recorded and Mixed Nov/Dec 2004 by Paul WaclawskyPost-Production Coordination by Paul Waclawsky, Jaylinn Davidson & Ryan Cano
Cassette Restoration and Mastering by Danny Reisch at Good Danny’s, ATX.
Artwork/Layout by Jaylinn Davidson
Published by King Luap Music (BMI)
(C)(P) 2010

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